How to Qualify for Welfare Benefits in the UK

How to Qualify for Welfare Benefits in the UK

In 2017 alone, the UK government spent 264 billion pounds on welfare alone. Considering that this is about 34% of all the money spent by the government in the given year, it reveals how much emphasis is put on welfare. Knowing how to qualify for welfare benefits in the UK category is not a bad idea after all.
Here are a few welfare benefits you may qualify for:

1. Housing Benefits: Rental costs can eat deep into anyone’s pockets especially when you are on a low income or unemployed. The UK government in its bid to keep people in homes offers assistance to people in this category. A simple provision of your income and capital is what is needed from you for consideration. the beauty of this package is that it is means tested.

2. Jobseeker’s Allowance: To qualify for this benefit, you need to offer proof of your ability to work as well as evidence that you are actively seeking for employment. This eliminates those that have reached pension and are under 18 years of age. This benefit is yours to claim if you work less than 16 hours each week. By implication this means that anyone who is fully employed does not qualify. Here is how to qualify for jobseeker’s allowance.

3. Personal Independence Payment: If you have additional care needs due to an illness or disability, all hope is not lost as this welfare benefit rakes care of people with such conditions. To qualify though, you have to be between 16 to 64 years of age. The benefit is non-means tested and so the need for providing income and capital does not exist. Personal Independence Payment comes in two parts – the component that deals with daily living and another that focuses on mobility. By claiming this welfare benefit, you improve your chances to enjoy an entitlement or increased entitlement.

4. Support with Mortgage Interest: Even homeowners are not left out in welfare benefits. However, before you can get help towards paying interests on your mortgage or loans, a successful claim will have to be made in any of Income Support, Universal Credit, Pension Credit, Income Related Employment and Support Allowance, Income Support or Income Based Jobseeker’s Allowance. Achieve success with any of the claims listed and get assistance towards the payment of interest on loans taken out for the purpose of making certain home improvements and repairs.

The UK government wants the best for its citizens explaining why welfare benefits such as the ones listed above are made accessible to those that qualify.

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